Pre-Listing Home Inspection

An inspection of your existing home can help you sell it easier and faster, and more profitably by addressing any issues on the front end, rather than in the negotiation process.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection Benefits

There are many benefits to having your home inspected before listing. With a pre-listing inspection your home could sell faster and for more money without any renegotiations because of results of the inspection. The results will be presented to you ahead of time. Your potential buyer will be reassured about the condition of the home from the detailed inspection report. A pre-inspected listing will also give you the ability to fix any problems and deal with any issues ahead of time, so there won’t be any surprises.

  1. Home could sell faster!
  2. Home could sell for more money!
  3. No more buyers walking away because they think there is a problem with the house.
  4. No deal-killing home inspector picking your home apart after the deal is done.
  5. No 11th hour re-negotiations based on the inspector’s findings.
  6. No helpless feelings that an inspector has raised an issue that is not a big problem.
  7. No more buyers getting cold feet when they find out the home is not perfect.
  8. No more buyers walking away because they don’t have time for an inspection.
  9. No more parade of inspectors through your home before a multiple-offer situation.
  10. You choose the inspector based on reputation and credentials.
  11. You resolve any differences of opinion before the house goes on the market.
  12. You fix any problems you like or recognize the problem and reflect it in the purchase price – take it off the table as a negotiating tool against you.